I went to the Farmer’s Market today and found a wide variety of fresh produce.  I usually just buy my usual veggies:  broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, snap peas, lettuce.  But today, a box of kale caught my eye.

I heard about kale and how it is supposed to be a wonder veggie, but the only time I actually bought it was from a grocery store to use for my chicken soup.  My tinola had kale instead of the usual green papaya and malunggay.

I decided to buy a bag and asked how else I could prepare it.  The stall owner, a Filipino, was surprised that I have only eaten it cooked.

I nibbled a leaf.  I liked it.  It was chewy and sweet.  The taste was definitely different from the packaged bag I picked up earlier from the grocery store.


I haven’t eaten enough of it to know if it was because it was fresher, or because it was organic, or just because it was a different variety.  But I liked what I tasted.

Baked Kale chips are becoming popular too.  They are quite expensive in specialty stores, so I thought of getting several bunches to bake for my kids.  The verdict:  my daughter likes it, but my son doesn’t.

Nothing can be easier than preparing this nutritious snack–kale, olive oil, salt.

Kale Chips

Kale leaves
olive oil

Preheat oven to 350F.  Remove the stem from the leaf and cut leaves to about an inch to inch and a half.  



Rinse and dry very well.  Cover a baking pan with parchment paper.  Lay the dried kale being careful not to overcrowd.  Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt.  Bake for 10-15 minutes. 


When the tips start to brown, remove from the oven.  Serve right away.


Click here for the nutrition facts for a cup of uncooked kale

About Teacher Tina

I have been a teacher for more than 15 years in the Philippines and the United States. Teaching is a vocation that I am grateful to have embraced. It certainly prepared me for motherhood.

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  1. farmfreshfoodie

    I’ve made collard green chips plenty of times, but never kale chips. Will have to give these a try… thanks for the recipe!

  2. Teacher Tina, where did you find Kale in the Philippines what is it called in tagalog? Thanks!

    • It is interesting that you ask that. A lot of Filipinos have been searching online where to get these highly nutritious leaves. I will ask around and let you know.

      I live in the United States and kale is very easy to find.

      Thanks for reading the blog. Please do share if you find a good source.


  3. Hi Teacher Tina, just wanna ask where in farmers market can I buy organic Kale? Thanks so much. I can’t find one from supermarkets…How much does it cost? I’m needing it for my father juicing green veggies. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Tina–I don’t live in Manila anymore. I got my kale from my neighborhood farmer’s market in the US. I am sorry I can’t help you locate a store to buy kale. I have been asking my friends who still live in Manila and they don’t seem to know either. My suggestion is to check Tagaytay, I usually get good veggies there. Good luck. Let me know if you are successful.

      • You can buy kale at farmers still, at the veggies section very near dampa side, but its not always available. They said that the supplier of kale seldom delivers, and when its available it is 200/kilo. Goodluck! Fyi, last sunday I went there to buy but to no avail.

      • That is good to know. Thanks for sharing the info, Marilyn.

  4. so Kale is KINA? pag sinabe naman yata namin s palengke alam nila ang kale?

    thanks for sharing your story re kale.

    • yup! kahit sabihin mong kale, alam na nila. fyi, kagagaling ko lang
      at sobrang nag kalat ngayon ang kale sa farmers… enjoy!!!

  5. Fermin S. Sebastian

    is there any substitute for kale leaves for zuppa toscana?

  6. huhuhu kale bakit wala ka sa davao.. anyway teacher tina can you help me please about the local name here of horseradish.. or is it the roots of malunggay? tnx

    • I think it is not that hard to grow kale. I’ve tried growing them from seeds and I was somewhat successful. I blame it on the fact that we get limited sunlight in the garden. Keep in mind though that there are different varieties– I planted bitter ones before and they tasted like arugula.

    • Hi jaja im from davao too. May nakita ka na bang kale dito? I want to make a smoothie out of it . Huhuhu can u help me. Please. Thanks!

  7. Cristina Cells-Mira

    good to know there are substitutes for kale which are available in the Philippines. I wanted to taste kale though and to know its difference from the other veggies. I thought you’re in the Philippines when u mentioned farmer’s market… Anyway thanks for the post… BTW I’m also called Teacher Tina… 🙂

    • Hello, Teacher Tina! Try growing your own garden patch of kale. It is not that hard to grow them from seeds. Ask around in the market, you may find a friendly tindera who will share her seeds.

  8. Healthy options sells kale 🙂

  9. Ano bang kale sa bisaya o tagalog? :\

  10. Try searching greenfresh organic in instagram and fb we have chinese kale and soon dwarf curled kale

  11. meron nang local kale sa farmers market sa cubao.. bought last saturday..sa may gitna na store…

  12. Hi everyone, originally I am from Manila but I had to go to Davao for a business trip. I will be staying here for quite sometime. I recently bought a masticating juicer or commonly known as a slow juicer. I heard Kale is very nutricious. Does anybody know where I can buy Kale here in Davao?

    Many thanks!

  13. i’m confused… we went to farmers market today and was able to buy some kale… and the price is P1,000/kilo… i wonder, is it possible for the price to increase by 500% in less than a year? do i have to report this to DTI for over pricing? the store is located just right after the Dampa Paluto area…

    • Wow! That to me is too steep of a price for any gulay. Kale may be touted as the new super gulay but I would spend that money buying other vegetables. My guess is that the sellers would be forced to lower the price if no one patronizes them. Good luck!

    • I just went there this morning and i experienced the same thing. The seller said that it was P1,000/kilo. Is this real?

  14. There is Kale in Manila, Go to Sidcor Market every sunday, that’s in Eton Centris.
    find Eli’s Organic store, in the fruits and veggie section,

    The first time, i was able to buy the Lacinato variety, i think its lacinato i didn’t asked anyway, but i know its kale,

    The second time, i was able to buy the chinese kale variety,

    The price is 400 per kilo as of August 2014. I didn’t buy a kilo, half kilo is just enough for myself in a week. You may not want to store it in the fridge more than a week.

    I make smoothie out of it, and it taste a lot better than spinach.

  15. Hi, Tanong ko lang po kung saan makakabili ng horseradish.

    • Hi Choy,

      Unfortunately, I don’t live in the Philippines anymore. I have never seen fresh horseradish sold in wet markets or supermarkets in the past, but that was long time ago. I would like to think that it would be available now in big supermarkets. How about Rustan’s? If you are asking about prepared horseradish in jars and bottles, you should find them in well-stocked grocery stores. They come in white or dark pink (mixed with beets). Hope that helps.

      • Thank you teacher Tina. Hope anyone from your followers can help me. I have checked Farmers market and Rustans Supermarket as well as SM, but it is not available.

  16. Hi po.. ngayon ko lng po nabasa to, actually nghahanap ko aq if where can i buy kale here in
    Caloocan city, manila.. malayo po kc samin ang cubao farmers market

    Salamat po

  17. Pagka po may malapit sayong HEALTHY OPTIONS, pakicheck po, minsan may stock po silang kale. Hindi ko lang po sure kung magkano na po.

  18. Kale is available all the time in S & R

  19. For more info on kale I always buy my kale in S & R Taguig all the time stocks at hand in the grocery section. I bought my kale at P100. per/pouch sealed

  20. Hi, Teacher Tina. I just want to ask where did you buy the kale seeds. Thank you.

    • Hi Mic, Thanks for visiting. I am based in the US and small seed packets can be found in a lot of places–Home Depot, OSH, Lowe’s. If you are writing from the Philippines, unfortunately I am no longer familiar with the stores there. My suggestion is to ask the tindera in Farmer’s Market. I used to be able to buy kale in Tagaytay too, maybe you can ask the vendors there. I am sorry I was not very helpful.


  21. Hello people… I saw organic kale available in Cash and Carry supermarket (just opposite PNR Buendia) around 170Php./bag.

  22. Hi if you’re looking for kale, curly and/or chinese variants, we have them. Here’s the link to our IG post showing our Scottish/curly kale plants ready for harvest. 🙂 https://instagram.com/p/BAWPmoZyw7T/


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