Kwento in Tagalog literally means “story”; nanay means “mother”.  Kwentong Nanay is a compilation of stories that focuses on how I encourage my children to understand more about the country I consider home.   Kwentong Nanay is a blog that chronicles my resolve to strengthen the Filipino identity in my very young children who are considered first generation Americans. 

My goal is to teach my children to speak Tagalog fluently, and hopefully, in the process, help them understand and appreciate the Filipino culture.  By talking to them in Tagalog, exposing them to Filipino literature, teaching them Filipino customs and traditions, and having Filipino food as a constant on our dining table, I hope that they grow up to be true Filipinos.

This nanay is a teacher by profession who dabbles into cooking and baking regularly.  Though I can hold my own in the kitchen, tweak recipes and recreate food I have tasted, I am not a chef.   In the eyes of my two kulit children though, I am the best cook ever!    Teaching children for more than 10 years before deciding to have my own was really a blessing that I will always be thankful for.  At 7 and 5, they are respectful, independent, and inquisitive–credit goes to my teacher husband too!

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  1. Hi there, Teacher Tina! Just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award. Rules are on my page, if you’re into that thing (ok too if you’re not!). Have a beautiful day!

  2. I admire and so proud hearing someone teaching Filipino culture even you lived in abroad, I am hats off to you….

    • Thank you. I think it is my responsibility to teach my children about the Philippine culture. They have been born in the US, but they are 100% Filipinos. Thanks for following my blog.


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