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How to set the table

For Filipinos, preparing a meal is a time to gather around the kitchen to help each other cook, and catch up on the day’s events.

This is also the children’s first introduction to cooking. It has been said that when young children participate in food preparation, they will more likely eat and enjoy the home-cooked meal.

My very first job in the kitchen was setting the table. When I was old enough to hold a knife, I graduated to prepping the food. After I’ve learned the secret recipes and the shortcuts from my parents, I became the head chef. By this time I didn’t have to cook a lot, I was only cooking for me, my parents, a couple of siblings, and sometimes, a guest or two.

Preparing a meal requires everyone’s help.

I cook.

My children set the table.

My husband does the dishes.

It is a project in which everyone in the family participates.

Here’s a refresher on how to set the table:


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Sesame Street was the very first TV program that I was allowed to watch when I was younger.  Grover’s recurring character as a waiter is one of my favorites.  I loved how Mr. Johnson, the blue puppet who frequents the restaurant, would demand frivolous things from Grover.  The actual teaching happens during the discourse.

This is the inspiration to this video…with a Tagalog twist.

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