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School Uniform

Unbelievable but true.  School starts soon.

A week ago, I went to Dennis to restock on school uniforms for my two very fast growing children.  I got to the store and had sticker shock!

$50 for one shift uniform?

Picture 4339

$30 for one pair of narrow wale corduroy plain pants?

Picture 3806

Unfortunately, we don’t have Divisoria or Kamuning where I can purchase tela (fabric).  Who am I kidding? Even if I found the exact material from Joanne’s Fabric, I won’t for the life of me, be able to sew a dress!

Where is a mananahi (seamstress) when you need one?!

My mom had a resident mananahi that came to our house in Manila in the summer.  She would stay with us for a week and sew piles of fabrics.  Aside from our school uniforms, my mom would have dresses, skirts, pajamas, curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and tablecloths made to her own specs.

Not once did I have to buy  ready-to-wear uniforms when I was in school.

Because sewing my children’s uniform is definitely out of the question, I know I would have to be smart and creative if I want to save money.

I checked my daughter’s first grade shift dress, and saw that there was a good 3 inches that I could take from the hem.    Now hemming, I know how to do.

So with a trusty steam iron, I was able to remove the mark from the old fold, and with a needle and blue thread, I was able to make the short uniform long!

IMG_1897The fold after I took the hem

IMG_1898With a steam iron, the fold is gone.

My son’s corduroy pants would undergo the same transformation.

So for this year, I only had to buy new PE shirts and fleece jackets.  If only I knew how to silkscreen and embroider the school’s logo, I would have saved myself another $150.

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