The Hope

Mom, when I grow up can you choose a wife for me?

It was around this time two years ago, when my then 5-year old son made this peculiar request. It was the summer before he turned first grade.

The question, as well as how sincere it was asked, caught me off guard.  I paused for a moment, and then responded as honestly as I could:

Oh, thank you for asking me, but choosing a wife is a decision that you have to make for yourself  when you get older. Just like the decision to marry your dad was mine. 

(In my head, I was thinking…really, I am having this conversation now?!?!?)

His response to my response floored me—

But mom, what if I don’t make the right choice?  He was half whimpering.

I looked at him reassuringly:

That’s why as early as now your dad and I are guiding you to be the best man you could possibly be.  When the time comes that you are old enough to choose a wife, you would know.  You would have had lots of practice making good choices by then.

(I am surprised that I was very calm, and actually made sense when I answered him)

Will you help me?  

Of course, I will help you, if you want me too. You know that I will always be here when you need help.

(What I really wanted to say was, ‘So as God is my witness, you had asked me, your mom, to choose a wife for you—no backsies or in Tagalog, walang bawian)

This surreal conversation was over in less than two minutes, but etched in my mind forever.


Who knows what will happen 25 years from now?

Filipino moms are known to stick their noses in their children’s affairs. I have certainly had my fair share with my own mom. I have yet to talk to the guy whom my mom berated 20 years ago!  Really embarrassing.

I am praying that when the time comes for my son, hopefully I would still have at least 25 more years, I would still be as calm as that day in the garage when he asked me for my help.  After all, he at 5, gave me permission to choose his wife.

Traditional Filipino Wedding Ceremony

About Teacher Tina

I have been a teacher for more than 15 years in the Philippines and the United States. Teaching is a vocation that I am grateful to have embraced. It certainly prepared me for motherhood.

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  1. Gorgeous! What a sweet little guy. Even if only in jest that conversation must be discussed in 15 years!!

    • I would definitely bring up that conversation again. Just to make sure that he doesn’t forget that he made such request, I will remind him every few years…like only a true Filipino mom would :).

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. All the best!


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