Ever since we adopted North America as our new home, swimming in the beach has lost its appeal…yup, even in the summer.

For one, the water is frigid at 56F (13C); and the signs plastered around the beachfront that say,  “Never turn your back on the ocean” is alarming. I have heard of horror stories in the evening news about runners being pulled by strong rip currents as they jog by the water.   Frightening.

We live less than 5 miles from the coast, and yet an afternoon in the beach is not on our weekend list.

Now beaches in the Philippines are different. I will never pass an opportunity to go to the beach when we are in the Philippines. In fact, my children equate a trip to Manila to a vacation in the beach.

Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, on our last trip back, we were able to enjoy an extended vacation at Residencia Boracay in Boracay.

This beach destination is just perfect for young children. With fine white sand, calm waters, and great weather, what more could you ask for? We were in the water from sun up to sun down, and going indoors only for meals.

Sand toys and marbles were the perfect toys for my young kids who were 4 and 6 at that time. We enjoyed mangoes (green and yellow), taho (sweet tofu), halo-halo (shaved ice with fruits and milk), grilled seafood, fruit shakes, massage on the beachfront, even getting mani-pedi complete with foot massage.

We went snorkeling too. The kids had no problem jumping in the middle of the ocean to look for Nemo. The kids are too young to go scuba diving, but we can’t wait for them to do their intro dive. Hopefully, I would still be nimble enough to dive with them by the time they get certified.

Can’t wait for our next visit.

Here is a link to Residencia Boracay resort for those interested:

Residencia Boracay


About Teacher Tina

I have been a teacher for more than 15 years in the Philippines and the United States. Teaching is a vocation that I am grateful to have embraced. It certainly prepared me for motherhood.

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